MotoX Racing

Racing MotoX

To race MX you need one of the following:

MSA license: MX, Enduro or Offroad

For MX you will need to join Zone 7 – SpeedSpot MX MSA Club to get a Z number to obtain your MX MSA license

Fees for 2019:

Zone 7-SpeedSpot MX MSA Club:

To get scored on every MX event and Championship points for year end trophies

R 700.00 per member for 2019
R 500.00 for second family member
R 400.00 for third family member

MX MSA license

MSA License for 2019 (Apply online:

Club: R 480.00
Regional: R 700.00
National: R 960.00

Plus Medical: 4 options

Plus race entry Fee

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